I started seeing a NaPro doctor primarily for women’s health issues. After my first child was born, my thyroid levels did not normalize despite constant medication adjustments. I was feeling tired, overwhelmed and not myself. After an initial consultation, my husband and I started charting using the Creighton Model Fertility Care System. The charting, timed blood tests and ultrasound scans gave a truer picture of my overall health and I was diagnosed with other hormonal issues that would have otherwise gone undiagnosed. I have since given birth to two healthy full terms babies. I received hormonal support from my NaPro doctor throughout both my pregnancies and I felt much healthier during pregnancy and the postpartum period as a result.

I found NaPro and the Creighton Model charting to be an invaluable resource to both my health and our marriage. It’s a method of natural family planning that lends to mutual respect, intimacy beyond the physical, understanding and promotes an authentic culture of life within a marriage.