7 Saints for Fertility and Family

1.  St. Gerard Majella:  patron saint of pregnant women and childbirth

2.  St. Joseph:  patron saint of the unborn and fathers

3.  St. Brigit of Kildare/Ireland:  patron saint of newborn babies

4.  St. Rita of Cascia:  patron saint of infertility

5.  St. Anne:  patron saint of mothers, grandparents, housewives, childless couples, and sterility

6.  St. Nicholas:  patron saint of children

7.  St. Mary, Mother of God:  Of course, no such list would be complete without Jesus’ own mother.  She’s the perfect example of someone who dealt with a surprise pregnancy with grace (pun intended).  As a mother to us all, we turn to her to intercede with her son on our behalf and the behalf of others.


source: https://barboo77.wordpress.com/2011/04/10/7-saints-for-fertility-and-family/


Childless couples in the bible:

  • Abraham & Sara : Book of Genesis, 17, 15-22/ 18, 1-15/21, 1-7
  • Jacob & Rachel : Book of Genesis, 30, 1-22
  • Manoah & his wife (Birth of Samson): Book of Judges, 13
  • Elkana & Anne : 1st book of Samuel, 1
  • Zacharie & Elisabeth : Gospel according to St. Luke, 1, 5-80





Emmanuel House of Providence is a Catholic center for prayer and evangelisation http://www.emmanuelhouse.ie/


St Colette –the  saint to pray for a child.

Places of pilgrimage in Ireland (Cork):

Places of pilgrimage in France.

Knock Shrine, Knock, Co. Mayo https://www.knockshrine.ie