Spontaneous abortion (Miscarriage) is defined as the spontaneous loss of pregnancy prior to the 20th gestational week of pregnancy.  Pregnancy losses which occur during this period of time are said to occur in about 15 percent of pregnancies.  At the same time, the risk of miscarriage increases proportionately to the number of previous miscarriages experienced.  Unfortunately, a definite cause has been difficult to determine.

A variety of factors underlie the occurrence of miscarriage.  These include genetic, endocrinologic (hormonal), anatomic, immunologic and microbiologic variations.  We are slowly coming to recognize that no miscarriage can be considered normal.  All miscarriages are the result of a pathophysiologic reproductive event.

In women with repetitive miscarriage, 85 percent will have endometriosis.  This often goes unidentified because a diagnostic laparoscopy is not performed.

In addition, underlying hormonal abnormalities, ovulation defects and mucus cycle abnormalities can also be observed in patients with multiple miscarriages.

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