1 miscarriage, 1 baby, 1 miscarriage – Recommended IVF – 2 NaPro babies

On my first pregnancy, I had a miscarriage on the day I was 12 weeks pregnant, just when I was about to tell everybody our good news, which turned my world upside down as I had longed to have a baby my whole life. I couldn’t believe my dream had just been shattered. As well as grieving the loss of the baby I had been expecting, I also now believed that I might never be able to have a baby. After a few emotional months, I was very lucky to conceive naturally about 6 months later and had a healthy baby. I got pregnant again when our first baby was 9 months old but had another miscarriage. We tried for a year to get pregnant again after that but were unsuccessful. We went to our doctor and were referred to an IVF clinic. We got numerous tests done on us and I was told that I had a fairly low AMH and we were given a 15% successful rate with IVF. Not nice odds to be told for such an expensive and invasive process!

It was at that stage that we decided to go to NaPro and we were met by Dr. Caroline Guindon, who was really friendly and warm and has a genuine interest in helping you to conceive as naturally as possible. She immediately dismissed my low AMH as anything significant, saying that it was only really applicable to IVF. It was such a relief to feel positive about getting pregnant again! We started the process with her, charting my first 2 cycles and on the 3rd cycle we tried to conceive and I got pregnant on the first attempt! I received hormone support for most of my pregnancy and had a perfectly healthy baby 9 months later. We might have just been really lucky that it worked on the first attempt, but I would really recommend the NaPro method to anyone who is going through the difficult journey of not being able to conceive a baby as they would like. It works with your body and cycles rather than trying to override it with drugs. It is much less invasive, without any procedures. The only drugs/hormonal treatment that are given are to supplement/boost your body to its optimum performance in relation to the reproductive cycle. There isn’t a huge investment financially/emotionally in any one cycle so it doesn’t take as much of a toll on you or your relationship and you can always try again the next month, without any delay.

We got pregnant again spontaneously 3 years later; my hormone levels were closely monitored and I received again hormone support throughout the pregnancy; I delivered a healthy baby boy at age 42.
Mary & Brian