2 miscarriages – 2 NaPro babies

Prior to getting married, I first sought the help of NaPro to help get my cycle regular in preparation for having children in marriage. This helped me become familiar with my body, and my cycle which was once quite erratic became regular with the support of regularising my hormones and nutrients in my system. 

Once married, it allowed Sean and I to enter into the intimacy of both our union and trying to conceive a baby. But we experienced two miscarriages; we felt so sad as a result!
Due to ongoing blood tests during pregnancy, we knew it wasn’t my hormones so we could then look at other possibilities. I was referred for more tests and a septum was found in my womb. Following its removal, we successfully carried Molly Rose to full term with the help of hormone support and she is a healthy beautiful little girl. We are so grateful for the naturalness of NaPro and the beauty of it for our marriage and the fulfilment of God’s plan within it.

We went on to conceive again; I needed hormone support again until 12 weeks and I delivered our second healthy daughter who is now 5 months old.
It was such a gift for us to have you Dr Caroline and NaPro, a method that is in line with Gods natural order. Praise God!
Yla & Steven