1 miscarriage, 1 Still Birth, recommended IVF – 3 NaPro babies

Thanks to Dr Caroline Guindon & NaProTechnology, we now have two beautiful girls. We had almost given up hope till we were introduced to NaproTechnology.

We started trying for a baby back in 2004, I got pregnant unassisted in 2005 but sadly miscarried at 6 weeks. I went on to conceive again at the end of 2005, we were over the moon but the unthinkable happened, we lost our beautiful baby girl at 32 weeks to stillbirth. As heartbroken as we were, we were determined to have a baby we could bring home. We continued to try to conceive but we had no luck. After a couple of years our Gp referred us to another fertility clinic, there we tried numerous different drugs & injections but to no avail. We were told we would need IVF, I felt I didn’t since I had successfully conceived myself twice. A friend told us about NaProTechnology and we have never looked back.

Dr. Guindon & NaProTechnology taught me how to read my bodies fertility signs & by charting we worked out I had a hormonal imbalance.

With medical treatment and hormone support during my pregnancies, Dr. Guindon & NaProTechnology made what we thought to be the impossible, possible. We cannot thank or praise them enough for all of their guidance & support.

After 10 years of trying for a baby, we eventually were blessed with a beautiful healthy daughter in 2014 whom thankfully we got to bring home with us. Then in 2016 we were blessed with another beautiful healthy daughter and then with our son.
We will be for ever grateful to Dr. Guindon & NaproTechnology.
Elena & Jeremy