We have now been married four and a half years (May 2014). After 8 months of marriage and no baby we decided as a couple to follow up with NAPRO. 

NAPRO identified a number of underlying issues for both my husband and I – including low progesterone and hypothyroidism. We started on a program of medication, vitamin supplements, simple dietary changes and choices to simplify living & reduce “stress” in our lives.

Following 12 months of this treatment and no baby we decided to take “time out” from NAPRO – Just 2 months later, amazingly our first baby was conceived. 
Continuing with NAPRO and progesterone support throughout the pregnancy we had a healthy baby boy. 

8 months later, without any further medication we conceived our second baby. Again, continuing with NAPRO and progesterone support throughout the pregnancy, we had another healthy baby boy in August 2018.

We would highly recommend NAPRO as a positive option for any married couple struggling to conceive. NAPRO focuses on the emotional and physical wellbeing of the couple – open healthy communication, understanding the other spouse, fostering unity, respect, love and  shared responsibility – NAPRO is a successful, multifaceted holistic approach to treating infertility issues in marriage –  NAPRO is a gift to the modern world –  to strengthen marriage & family life in accord with Gods plan.

Monica & Arthur