Low AMH – 1 failed IVF- Recommended “Donor eggs” – 2 NaPro babies

My AMH was very low, reading below 0.6 although I was only 34 years old. I also had an underactive thyroid with fluctuating blood levels. After trying to conceive for over 12 months, we decided to go down the IVF route but unfortunately it failed for us. No eggs could be collected and I was recommended “donor eggs”. But after embarking on the NaPro Program, I became pregnant and delivered our son following a C-section. I resumed treatment with NaPro to try and conceive again. I conceived again but my hormone levels were low during the cycle of conception and sadly I miscarried. I did conceive again though and received progesterone and other hormone support until 36 weeks. We thankfully had our healthy baby girl following a planned C-section.
Sarah & Noel